Student Opportunities

Co-Op Engineering Opportunities for Students

CF Industries offers an exciting and challenging Co-op Engineering Program which is a collaboration between CF and universities or colleges that allows students to alternate between periods of study and paid work assignments. Students will work at different CF locations across the US and Canada and will work in different roles from one assignment to the next.

We are looking for individuals pursing degrees in chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering or degrees in environmental sciences to join our Co-op Engineering Program.

Our CF Co-op Engineering Program video is an example of the quality of the developmental opportunities provided to students while working at various CF locations. 

We recruit engineering co-op students throughout the year as positions become available and we welcome you to search our careers website for current openings.

Courtney Callahan (Donaldsonville)

Courtney talks about the engineering projects she spearheaded during her engineering co-op experience at our Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex, the largest nitrogen complex in the world. Her dedication and focus on safety and sustainability are values CF puts first.

Michael Watson (Verdigris) and Dustin Maulden (Yazoo City)

Michael and Dustin describe their successes from starting as engineering co-op students, working at multiple CF locations and work assignments in maintenance and engineering, to joining CF after graduation. With a focus on safety and operational excellence, they have become part of our dynamic engineering teams at Verdigris and Yazoo City.

Raymond Clark (Verdigris)

Raymond, an engineering co-op student, exemplifies our commitment to Do It Right. Raymond developed his sound engineering practices while working at our Verdigris, OK Nitrogen Complex. Listen as Raymond explains the engineering project he’s most proud of from his Verdigris rotation.