CF's 2019 Annual and Sustainability Reports Now Available

By: Corporate Communications
April 8, 2020
Company, Sustainability


Today the company released its annual financial, environmental, social and governance reporting. Here’s what you will find – and what’s new – in our 2019 Annual Report2019 Sustainability Report and 2019 GRI and SASB Index.

2019 Annual Report

The company’s Annual Report features CEO Tony Will’s letter to shareholders where he discusses the company’s 2019 performance, our strategy and our broader impact on society. The report also includes the annual 10-K filing the company made in February.

2019 Sustainability Report

Titled “Best Practices at Work,” the company’s annual Sustainability Report also features a letter from CEO Tony Will to stakeholders that discusses our role in society, progress we’ve made and areas we see for improvement. It includes a commitment to establish sustainability goals, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The report also shares stories of CF’s progress across environmental, social and governance issues, including addressing our carbon footprint from the plant to the farm, best practices from the field to the boardroom featuring Board member Mike Toelle, how we focus on safety across our operations and how we support and develop employees.

2019 GRI and SASB Index

Stakeholder groups, including investors, are increasingly looking for transparency around non-financial performance to gain insight into how companies are addressing environmental, social and governance issues and navigating perceived risks in the years ahead. For many years, CF has used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as its primary reporting tool for non-financial performance, and we cover all GRI indicators for each identified material issue.

This year, CF has added to its non-financial reporting by adopting the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework for material issues. SASB is a nonprofit organization that was founded to develop and disseminate sustainability accounting standards in order to bring greater alignment between companies in how they report on these matters.