Plants: Woodward, Oklahoma

1000 Terra Drive
Woodward, OK 73801
Phone number: (580) 256-8651

The Woodward, Oklahoma, plant was built in 1975 and production started in 1977. Today, the Woodward facility contains an ammonia plant and upgrading capability that consists of two nitric acid, two urea and two UAN plants.

Natural Gas Consumption

Based on approximately 1,425 tons of ammonia production per day and a total energy usage of 55,000 MMBtu per ton, the total natural gas consumption when Woodward is operating at capacity is nearly 57,000 MMBtu per day.

Products and Markets

Woodward begins with the production of anhydrous ammonia. The ammonia is stored in two shipping tanks, from which it is shipped as fertilizer to a diverse market. Ammonia is an ideal fertilizer for the surrounding sandy soils where moisture is limited. The anhydrous ammonia clings to any moisture present, capturing the precious nitrogen for plant consumption.

A significant portion of the ammonia is upgraded into UAN solution. UAN has been the fastest-growing nitrogen fertilizer product in North America over the past decade because of its versatility. It can be applied effectively in a variety of soil conditions and is especially useful in various conservation tillage practices. This makes it ideal for the southern plains of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

The Woodward facility recently completed a $180 million project to add 1,500 tons per day in UAN capacity. At capacity, the Woodward facility now is capable of producing 500,000 tons of ammonia and 800,000 tons of 32% UAN. The facility also produces 70% urea liquor for use in cattle feed supplements and blasting agents and 40% urea for use in NOx abatement.