Plants: Yazoo City, Mississippi

4608 Highway 49 East
Yazoo City, Mississippi 39194
Phone: 662-746-4131

The Yazoo City nitrogen manufacturing facility is located on approximately 2,240 acres in Yazoo County, Mississippi. The facility includes one ammonia plant, four nitric acid plants, an ammonium nitrate (AN) plant, two urea plants, a UAN plant and a dinitrogen tetroxide production and storage facility. It has the capacity to produce annually:

  • 560,000 tons of ammonia, which we use as a feedstock for upgraded nitrogen-based fertilizers and industrial products.
  • 450,000 tons of UAN (32% nitrogen basis) for agricultural uses.
  • 1,075,000 tons of AN, which we produce as a solid or liquid product. Ag grade AN is sold in solid form as a fertilizer. Industrial grade AN (IGAN) is a prilled, low-density product that is used by mining operations as a blasting agent. AN solution (ANS) is a liquid product used in mining and other industrial applications.
  • 150,000 tons of urea. Most of the urea produced at our facility is further processed into UAN. The remaining quantity, we sell as a finished product for use in industrial emissions abatement or as DEF.
  • 900,000 tons of nitric acid, most of which we use to make ammonium nitrate. We sell the rest as a finished product to industrial customers to make products such as nylon fibers, polyurethane foams and specialty fibers.

Natural Gas

The sole purchased feedstock in nitrogen products manufacturing is natural gas. When operating at capacity, the Yazoo City facility consumes about 20 million MMBtu’s of natural gas per year.