Transportation Safety

An ocean-going vessel is loaded at one the Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex's five docks on the Mississippi River.

How CF's Products are Shipped

Nitrogen products are shipped from our manufacturing complexes using a variety of transportation modes:

  • Barge
  • Jones Act vessel (for shipping point-to-point along the U.S. coast)
  • Pipeline (for anhydrous ammonia only)
  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Ocean-going vessel (for shipments outside of North America)

Rail Safety

Each of CF's North American manufacturing plants are located on Class I railroads, providing the company significant flexibility to reach customers across the U.S. and Canada in an efficient manner.

CF leverages this flexibility to transport approximately five million tons of nitrogen products by rail each year, which makes the safe preparation, loading and shipment of our products a critical priority. When shipping by rail, CF ensures that cars are maintained, products are safely loaded and valves and caps are properly secured.

Rail Safety Recognition

Our commitment to rail safety has been consistently recognized by our rail carriers. This includes receiving the Association of American Railroads – Bureau of Explosives Non-Accident Release (NAR) Grand Slam Award in 2018, 2016 and 2014. The award is given to shippers who have been recognized by at least four Class I North American railroads for zero NARs over the year.

Truck Safety

More than 200,000 trucks came through our manufacturing and distribution facilities annually to load products for our customers. CF maintains strict requirements for carriers to enter our facilities, including HAZMAT Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification, a DOT Safety Permit, and a Certificate of Insurance. Additionally, each truck entering our facilities undergo a carrier validation process to verify that all certifications are in order.