Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has established a series of ambitious goals for securing a sustainable planet by 2030. CF supports the following goals, which align most closely with our business.

No Poverty


By supporting thousands of direct and indirect jobs, we contribute to local economies and enable financial well-being
Zero Hunger


By feeding the crops that feed the world, we ensure food security for people worldwide
Clean Water and Sanitation


We're educating farmers on nutrient management and conservation practices that allow crops to grow with less impact on waterways
Affordable and Clean Energy


Clean and abundant natural gas powers our operations and is our feedstock. We also operate our plants efficiently using captured waste heat
Decent Work and Economic Growth


CF brings high-paying jobs and economic development to rural communities
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


We invest in energy-saving technologies and track our impacts with an eye toward continuous improvement
Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 12

Our manufacturing and distribution practices emphasize safety and energy-efficient production
Climate Action

SDG 13

Helping farmers maximize soil health and yield per acre protects forests that sequester carbon
Life Below Water

SDG 14

Educating farmers on nutrient management minimizes runoff, which helps keep water sources clean
Life on Land

SDG 15

Promoting farmer practices like conservation cover creates a habitat for pollinators and food for wildlife
Partnerships for the Goals

SDG 17

We partner with farmers, NGOs and others to advance sustainable solutions related to our business