CF Industries Helps Launch New 4R Plus Program in Iowa

By: Corporate Communications
February 13, 2018


CF Industries has joined with The Nature Conservancy and 30 partners to launch the 4R Plus program in Iowa.

“CF Industries, along with The Nature Conservancy, came together with a vision for a program that would empower Iowa farmers and their efforts to improve soil health,” says Tony Will, president and CEO of CF Industries.

Support of this program has expanded to 30 organizations, including state commodity groups, agribusinesses, conservation organizations, government agencies, universities and others.

“We all have the same goal: to build upon the good work Iowa farmers are doing and provide them with more tools and resources to help them implement practices that enhance crop growth and boost yield potential and return on investment while safeguarding some of the best soil in the world,” says Will.

What is 4R Plus?


4R Plus involves using precise nutrient stewardship practices to provide nutrients when the crops need them and targeted conservation practices that can increase productivity, enhance soil health and improve water quality.

What does 4R Plus stand for?

The 4Rs of nutrient stewardship stand for Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time and Right Place.


The 4R practices help you optimize the nutrients you apply to maximize plant uptake and minimize field losses. Using the 4Rs allows you to keep the nutrients in the root zone and available when the crop needs them the most during the growing season.

The “Plus” in 4R Plus refers to conservation practices that increase the resiliency of your soil, reduce erosion and improve water quality. These practices help your soil remain productive, even under variable weather conditions. Examples of the practices include:

-        Cover crops

-        No-till

-        Strip-till

-        Grass waterways

-        Drainage water management

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