CF Publishes 2018 Annual Report, Sustainability Data

By: Corporate Communications
April 3, 2019
Company, Sustainability


CF’s 2018 Annual Report is now available. You can access it here

We also issued two other documents in conjunction with the Annual Report – our 2018 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index and an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Supplement. As Tony Will, CF President and CEO, explains in the ESG Supplement, we did this to “better reflect how we evaluate our sustainability performance alongside our financial performance.”

The GRI provides corporations with a framework to guide their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting. For the past several years, we have published our GRI report in conjunction with our Corporate Sustainability Report. This year, we accelerated our data collection for the GRI, for the first time reported on all GRI indicators for each identified material issue. Only about 7 percent of GRI reports are done on a comprehensive basis as we did this year.

The company will publish its 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report in the middle of this year, and then publish its 2019 report in conjunction with our 2019 Annual Report in early 2020.

Access the 2018 GRI report here.

The ESG Supplement provides investors and other groups a consolidated table of our sustainability performance metrics. These data points are generally provided in our GRI Reports, but our ESG Supplement provides the information over a three-year period in an easily digestible format.

Access the ESG Supplement here.