CF Industries Releases its 7th Annual Corporate Sustainability Report

By: Corporate Communications
July 23, 2019


Today CF Industries released its seventh annual Sustainability Report titled Growing Impact. You can access it here.

This year’s report highlights CF’s many contributions to a healthier and better world – from safe operations and environmental stewardship to community partnerships and employee development. The report covers these areas and more across three key topics:

  • Perspective, which focuses on the lifecycle impact of our products and how fertilizers prevent deforestation and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Progress, which is taking place both outside the company – you’ll hear from farmers in Iowa that are implementing 4R Plus nutrient stewardship and conservation practices and seeing positive results – and inside the company – including how CF us developing talent and future leaders through our Leadership Competencies initiative.
  • Performance, which gives a snapshot of the robust information included in the company's Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) content index. The report highlights key sustainability indicators related to energy, environment, water, waste, safety and workforce.

In addition to the report, CF published its 2018 GRI content index in March 2019, which the company completed on a Comprehensive basis for the first time as part of its ongoing efforts to increase transparency in our sustainability reporting. Moving forward, CF's 2019 Sustainability Report and 2019 GRI content index will be published at the same time as its 2019 Annual Report to reflect how we evaluate sustainability performance alongside financial performance.