North American Distribution Facilities

The CF Advantage

Fertilizer use is time-sensitive. When spring arrives, farmers race the clock to get their crops into the field, planting and fertilizing millions of acres across the country in a matter of days. The only sure way to meet their demand for fertilizer is to have product inventories “staged” in the market at distribution facilities with high volume, state-of-the-art handling equipment.

The nation’s logistics network simply can’t meet farmers’ fertilizer needs on a just-in-time delivery basis from distant sites.

The location of our distribution facilities in North America—most in key Corn Belt markets, served by multiple modes of inbound and outbound transportation—can often provide important advantages in serving nearby customers, since shipping small amounts of fertilizer products over long distances is generally not economical.

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Our Distribution Facilities provide significant inventory holding capacity and are critical to providing in-market and in-season product availability.

By the Numbers

24…Owned distribution terminals

13…Leased distribution terminals

870,000…Tons of ammonia storage owned

215,000…Tons of UAN storage owned

75,000…Annual average tons of ammonia and UAN distributed to retail customers per owned distribution terminals

500,000…Annual average tons of granular urea distributed to retail customers per owned distribution terminals

11…Distribution terminals that have earned OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Star status

32…Ammonia tanks

57…UAN tanks

215,000...trucks loaded during 2015. If those trucks were lined up, they would stretch across the country from Los Angeles to New York City

Distribution: Carrier Information

Below are links helpful to commercial carriers picking up products from CF Industries locations. If you have questions, please contact

*Please note: This process replaces the previous process requiring web portal entry of commercial drivers’ licenses for driver authorization. Please ensure you have completed the Carrier Information Form prior to arriving at any CF Industries location.