Sustainability Reporting and Data

We share our sustainability progress in a number of ways, including our annual Corporate Sustainability Report and the disclosure information on 115 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators. We have also prepared a consolidated, downloadable performance data table that aggregates metrics that some stakeholders use to evaluate our performance.

Corporate Sustainability Reports

We have published a Corporate Sustainability Report each year since 2013 (which covered sustainability data from 2012). These reports communicate our performance across fundamental environmental, safety, economic, governance and social considerations.

Our current Corporate Sustainability Report, Common Ground, was published in 2018 and reports on our performance in 2017. You can access it here.

You can access previous reports in the menu below.

Global Reporting Initiative Indicators

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines provide a globally recognized framework for companies to measure and communicate their environmental, economic, social and governance performance. For several years, we have prepared our Corporate Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. 

In the GRI Index that accompanies our 2017 report, we identify the specific GRI disclosures reported for our company. You can access the index here.

Previous indices can be accessed by following the links below: