Employee Spotlight: Eric Campbell

By: Corporate Communications
July 30, 2021


At CF Industries, we’re lucky to have dedicated and resilient veteran and active duty servicemembers on our team. This month, we have the honor of highlighting their service and their work. We spoke to Eric Campbell, an operator at the Port Neal Complex, who shares how he supports product production while applying lessons from his military service.

Tell us about your time working for CF Industries. What’s your favorite part about your job?

I’ve been with CF for almost 9 years, and I can say that the best thing about my job is that each one of those days has been different and interesting. I love that unlike an average desk job, working in production means you’re running into different scenarios and problems that require you to think and troubleshoot throughout the day. On top of that, my team members make my job enjoyable every day.

Tell us about your military service.

I enlisted in the Iowa Army National Guard in 1999 where I served with numerous different companies. I was eventually deployed to Afghanistan in 2003 with the 1034th Quartermaster group as a 92 Fox – a petroleum supply specialist. There are multiple aspects to the job, but I primarily supported ground troops by providing fuel and bulk storage for trucks, generators, etc. I also supported aviation efforts by refueling helicopters and Black Hawks. In 2010, I was again deployed to Afghanistan, but this time with the 334th BSB.  My final job was as a support operations officer where I managed logistical operations and forecast fuel consumption. I retired two years ago after twenty years of service.

What has your time of service taught you about what veterans bring to the workplace?

I believe military people always have a leg up on being able to adapt to new jobs. Critical thinking and the ability to perform under pressure come naturally to us. In stressful conditions, whether in service or at work, military servicemembers adapt and overcome to complete the mission while also ensuring it’s completed safely. These skills are easily translated into work at CF since we must be cognizant of our surroundings while working in the plant or implementing critical thinking while working on the board.

What can employers do to create a welcoming environment for veterans?

The most important thing a company can do is actively support its veteran and active service member employees and acknowledge what they’ve gone through. CF does a good job accommodating and working with those that need to report to drill or are deployed. They additionally offer programs to support veterans, which I think clearly demonstrates that CF recognizes the value of our service and our current contributions to the company.  

What excites you about this company?

CF is actively keeping up with the current culture around climate change through their efforts in expanding green ammonia production. Taking advantage of this opportunity and carrying on the innovation of the 21st century is pretty impressive and excites me for the future.

What inspires you to do your best work at CF?

The safety of others. Your team members and crew are who you spend most of your time with since you’re spending upwards of twelve hours a day together at the plant. With that in mind, keeping everyone safe is a priority for myself as well as my crew.

What do the safety culture at CF and ‘Do It Right’ mean to you?

Safety is a top priority for myself and my crew every day. ‘Do It Right’ means that we are ensuring our procedures are done according to guidelines and that everyone is watching out for one another. We have a slogan, “If you see it, you own it,” which a lot of people take to heart by certifying that both themselves and their crew are safe from the beginning to the end of a shift.

Tell us about an impactful lesson or learning experience from your time on the job.

A lesson I’ve learned in my time at CF is that every day you’re learning. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here two months or twenty years, everyday something is going to be different, so you’re constantly learning and teaching others. Learning experiences are found sometimes in tasks you complete every day since there is always the potential for something to change. The variety in my work has given me the ability to continue to learn and adapt.