Who We Are

At our core, CF Industries is a producer of ammonia

CF Industries: At the forefront of low-carbon ammonia production

We use the Haber-Bosch process to fix atmospheric nitrogen with hydrogen from natural gas to produce anhydrous ammonia (NH3).

For decades, our business has focused on producing and selling ammonia and other ammonia-derived fertilizers, such as urea and UAN, for their nitrogen content in order to provide energy to crops to increase yields. These products helped dramatically increased food production in the second half of the 1900s, supporting world population growth and lifting countless people out of hunger. At the same time, fertilizer allows more food to be grown on fewer acres. This reduces the amount of land cleared for agriculture, preserving carbon-sequestering forests and the biodiversity of wildlife ecosystems.

Today we have an opportunity to strengthen our existing business and set the Company on a significant growth trajectory by doing what we do best – produce ammonia – while significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with ammonia production.

Our Strategy

Other energy-intensive industries, such as power generation and marine shipping, face similar concerns about their respective carbon footprints and have identified low-carbon ammonia as a clean energy source. This is due to the hydrogen atoms that make up a molecule of ammonia. Hydrogen is widely viewed as a scalable source of clean energy, and ammonia represents an efficient mechanism to both ship and store hydrogen, as well as a clean energy source in its own right as ammonia does not contain or emit carbon.

Our commitment to decarbonize our ammonia production process and the outlook for significant global demand for low-carbon ammonia as a clean energy source has created a unique growth opportunity for our Company. As we decarbonize, we are doing our part while helping reduce agriculture's carbon footprint and also helping others decarbonize their energy-intetnsive industries, opening up new sources of demand for ammonia that will enable us to grow profitably while doing good for the environment.

As a result, our strategy, underpinned by our Core Values, is to leverage our unique capabilities to accelerate the world's transition to clean energy.

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Safety Excellence

The safety of CF Industries’ employees and those who live near our locations is our top priority. Safety at CF Industries starts with our Do It Right philosophy, which includes equipping our employees with the proper safety knowledge, tools and procedures, and a culture that encourages employees to act with safety in mind every time they come to work.

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Working at CF Industries

We are committed to creating a culture where all employees feel safe to respectfully voice their ideas and bring their full, authentic selves to work. We prioritize elevating diverse perspectives and creating an inclusive, equitable working environment. This not only brings out the best in all our team members, but it ensures we are better equipped to achieve our mission to feed and fuel the world sustainably. 

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Our Values

Codes of Conduct

Our values guide everything we do as a company. Our employee Code of Corporate Conduct and Third Party Code of Conduct provide detailed guidance on the behaviors and actions that support our values.

To report suspected misconduct or to ask questions when help or guidance is needed regarding our Codes of Conduct, please contact our Compliance Helpline, which is managed by an outside company, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at (888) 711-3620.

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