Our Decarbonization Roadmap

CF Industries acknowledges the critical importance of reducing GHG emissions
worldwide to address climate change. Beginning in 2020, CF Industries established a series of GHG reduction goals that are at the heart of our strategy to leverage our unique capabilities to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. These goals align with our long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship as well as with our stakeholders’ and society’s interests in reducing GHG emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals

Scope 1 CO2-equivalent emissions reduction per ton of product by 2030 (2015 baseline year)

Reduce Scope 3 emissions by 10% 2030 (2020 baseline)

Achieve Scope 1 and 2 net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Roadmap to 2050 Net Zero Emissions Target

The Company’s path to achieving net zero emissions target by 2050 will require addressing multiple sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Decarbonizing CF Industries' Production Network

CF Industries takes a comprehensive approach to decarbonization, focusing across the entire ammonia production value chain. We evaluate both where we can have a direct impact on reducing emissions (Scope 1 and 2 emissions), as well as where we can partner with third parties to address emissions that occur outside of our facilities (Scope 3 emissions).

In 2023, CF Industries established a roadmap to achieving our 2030 Scope 1 emissions intensity goal as well as a path forward to reach Scope 1 and 2 net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Climate Efforts Transparency

CF is committed to transparency and accountability in our climate efforts. We disclose more information about our emissions and our progress towards our goals on our website, in our most recent ESG Report, and through our archive of ESG and Sustainability reports dating back to 2012.