Our Strategy

At our core, CF Industries is a producer of ammonia.

As the world's largest producer of ammonia, which has a chemical composition of NH3, CF Industries has a unique role to play in addressing some of the world's most critical needs: food to feed a growing population and clean fuel to power the world's future.

Providing Energy to Crops

The nitrogen content in ammonia and ammonia-derived fertilizers provides energy to crops to dramatically increase yields. Along with advancements in seed technolot and and farming practices, the use of nitrogen fertilizer dramatically increased food production in the 1900s. It is estimated that fertilizer is responsible for 50% of the world’s food. 

Source of Clean Energy

Many energy-intensive industries view ammonia’s hydrogen content as a scalable source of clean energy that can help reduce their own carbon footprints. Ammonia represents an efficient mechanism to both ship and store hydrogen and has potential to serve as a clean energy source in its own right, as it does not contain or emit carbon.

Our Challenge

Conventional ammonia production is an energy-intensive process with carbon dioxide (CO2) as a byproduct. These emissions make ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer a significant contributor to the carbon footprint of the food and agricultural value chain and limit conventional ammonia’s potential as a clean energy source for hard-to-abate industries.

Our strategy tackles this challenge directly and, in turn, creates exciting growth opportunities in the near- and longer-term.

Our strategy is to leverage our unique capabilities to accelerate the world's transition to clean energy.

Decarbonization is at the heart of our strategy

As we decarbonize, we will be doing our part while providing clean energy in the form of low-carbon ammonia and ammonia-derived products to existing and new customers so that they can decarbonize their industries. We believe this will enable us to grow profitably while doing good for the environment.

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Our Committed Goals

Reduce Scope 1 CO2-equivalent emissions by 25% per ton of product by 2030 (2015 baseline year)

Reduce Scope 3 emissions by 10% by 2030 (2020 baseline)

Achieve net-zero Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 2050

Through the decarbonization of our operations and active industry partnerships, CF Industries is positioning itself to help decarbonize hard-to-abate industries, create exciting growth opportunities for the Company and accelerate the clean energy transition.

Viable Market Opportunities

Fertilizers manufactured with a lower carbon intensity provide the least intrusive and most certifiable way to support decarbonization of agricultural inputs, helping CPG companies achieve decarbonization goals

Fertilizers manufactured with a lower carbon intensity can reduce ethanol’s carbon intensity by over 10%, helping create a pathway for low-carbon ethanol to be used as a sustainable aviation fuel

Ammonia provides greater hydrogen density than compressed gaseous or liquid hydrogen, which, along with existing global production and infrastructure, positions ammonia as a preferred hydrogen transport medium

Interest in low-carbon ammonia for industrial applications is growing, especially in Europe, as companies face carbon taxes and look to achieve ESG targets

Ammonia as a low-carbon maritime fuel continues to be the leading alternative fuel candidate

Increasing end-market interest in co-combustion with ammonia, primarily in Japan and South Korea

Clean Energy Initiatives

We are seeking to decarbonize our production network and help hard-to-abate industries decarbonize through investments in clean energy projects to reduce emissions from current operations and advancing new low-carbon ammonia capacity and partnerships with other leading companies.

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As we execute our strategy, we will...

Strengthen and Enhance Our Existing Business

Enhance and strengthen existing business for the long-term by providing energy to crops through low-carbon ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers.

Unlock New Growth Opportunities

Provide low-carbon ammonia to hard-to-abate industries as a clean energy source represents a significant growth opportunity for the Company to meet new demand for its core product.