Port Neal Complex Embarks on Tree Planting Campaign for Sustainable Environmental Stewardship

By: Corporate Communications
January 18, 2022


The Port Neal complex has embarked on a four-year tree planting campaign to enhance the sustainability of the site, boost visual appeal of the approach to the new portion of the plant, and to demonstrate sustainable environmental stewardship practices.

A lot of planning went into the fall project to ensure the results are effective and will stand the test of time. Fall planting allows trees to get off to a good start and stimulates growth in the spring.

“It’s great to see the new trees planted near our truck loading area.  They bring some welcome greenery to our industrial landscape, and in time, will provide a windbreak.  On a small scale, they will also absorb greenhouse gases” observed Scott Tassin, Production Manager. 

Seventy-four new trees were added to the site in phase one of the project. Two rows of deciduous (leaf) trees were added on the east side of the urea fertilizer load out area to enhance the appearance of the facility.  Species planted include Hackberries, Red and White Oaks, Locust and Hard Maples.

“This is a pretty tough site, considering the soil types, construction disturbance, and limited moisture availability, so we selected hardy varieties which will perform well under these conditions," said Neil Stockfleth, Environmental Specialist.

Fifteen Spruce evergreen trees and fifteen Chokecherry shrubs were planted in a windbreak pattern around an employee parking lot near the urea loadout facility. “We were sustaining windblown debris damage to employees’ vehicles, and this is a sustainable way to address the problem” said Kip Hansen, Shipping Superintendent.

Tree projects planned for upcoming years include boulevard plantings along the north entrance road, a windbreak planting on the north side of the plant, and decorative plantings near the north administration building. These projects coincide nicely with native pollinator grass and forb plantings in fields around the Port Neal site, which are in various stages of establishment. These efforts demonstrate Port Neal’s dedication in striving to promote environmentally sustainable practices in an agricultural manufacturing setting.