Clean Energy Initiatives

CF Industries believes that we have an opportunity to strengthen our existing business and set the Company on a meaningful growth trajectory

We do so by investing in clean energy initiatives that focus on doing what we do best - produce ammonia and ammonia-derived products - while significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with the production of ammonia. Our strategic focus on decarbonizing our operations reduces our environmental impact and enables us to produce products with a lower carbon intensity, unlocking their use for clean energy purposes, from power generation and maritime fuel to reducing the carbon footprint of food production.

CF Industries invested approximately $100 million to install a 20MW alkaline water electrolyzer manufactured by thyssenkrupp Nucera.

North America's First Commercial Scale Green Ammonia Capacity

At the end of 2023, the installation of one of the world's largest alkaline water electrolyzers at our Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana was mechanically complete, with commissioning activities underway.

Once operational, the unit will generate hydrogen from water through an electrolysis process that produces no CO2 emissions. We will supply the hydrogen to existing ammonia plants to produce up to 20,000 tons of green ammonia annually, representing North America’s first commercial-scale green ammonia capacity.​


Landmark Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project

CF Industries is leveraging carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology to significantly reduce CO2 emissionsm, which are a byproduct of the ammonia production process, from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana. Beginning in 2025, our invesmtent in CCS will result in the safe and secure sequestration deep underground of up to 2 million tons of CO2 annually that would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere.  The impact is equivalent to removing emissions from more than 445,000 gasoline powered cars – about one-third of the gasoline-powered cars in operation in Louisiana today – from the road each year.

$200M Investment

CF Industries is investing approximately $200 million to build a carbon dioxide dehdyration and compression unit that will enable the transport and sequestration of CO2

Partnering with ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil will transport and permanently sequester up to 2M tons of CO2 annually from our Donaldsonville Complex

Enables Low-Carbon Ammonia

Our CCS project enables the first significant volume of low-carbon ammonia that will be available to support the decarbonization goals of end users

Carbon capture and sequestration is:

  • Safe and proven technology: Industry has decades of commercial experience safely storing CO2 geologically at large scale
  • Heavily regulated: CCS projects, including CO2 storage, require both state and federal permitting after extensive review and analysis
  • A job creator: CCS provides positive economic impacts for the surrounding communities.
  • Necessary: The International Energy Agency has concluded that “reaching net zero will be virtually impossible” without CCS. 

CF Industries made the first known certified natural gas purchase for use in industrial manufacturing

Addressing Scope 3 Emissions

Starting in 2023, we have purchased certified natural gas from bp as part of our comprehensive approach to decarbonizing the ammonia value chain. The certificates purchased by CF Industries are issued by not-for-profit MiQ and certify that certain natural gas produced by bp has a 90% lower methane emissions intensity - the ratio of methane emissions to natural gas produced - than the industry average. Methane emissions throughout the natural gas supply chain are a significant contributor to the lifecycle carbon intensity of ammonia production and the second largest source of Scope 3 emissions for CF Industries. 

For 2024, we entered into an agreement with bp for the purchase of 4.4 billion cubic feet of certified natural gas, which is double our purchase in 2023.

Low-Carbon Ammonia Capacity Growth

The Company’s strategic focus on decarbonizing our operations reduces our environmental impact and enables us to produce low-carbon ammonia products, which strengthens our existing business for the long-term and creates new growth opportunities that support the global energy transition. This relationship illustrates how the Company’s sustainability priorities fully align with and are ultimately embedded into our overall corporate strategy.

Beyond actions within our existing network, CF Industries is executing its strategy by evaluating new low-carbon ammonia capacity growth; forging partnerships to accelerate our timeline and bridge gaps in areas where we do not have direct control or expertise; and collaborating to build an understanding of ammonia as a safe clean energy source with a supportive regulatory environment.

Hekinan Thermal Power Station

Hekinan Thermal Power Station

JERA is currently conducting the world’s first commercial-scale demonstration test of fuel ammonia substitution (20% of heating value) at its Hekinan Thermal Power Station.

Creating a Low-Carbon Ammonia Value Chain

We have recently entered into a joint development agreement with JERA Co., Inc., Japan’s largest energy company, to explore the development of greenfield low-carbon ammonia production capacity at our Bluepoint Complex in Louisiana.

This agreement expands our relationship with JERA as we work together to develop a low-carbon ammonia value chain and demonstrate the significant contribution low-carbon ammonia can make to meet the decarbonization goals of hard-to-abate industries.

JERA intends to replace coal with low-carbon clean ammonia in its existing thermal coal power plants to reduce CO2 emissions.

Learn more about our joint development agreement: CF Industries and JERA Announce Joint Development Agreement to Develop Greenfield Low-Carbon Ammonia Production Capacity in United States


CF Industries Working with CHS Inc. on Production and Distribution of Low-Carbon Nitrogen Fertilizer

CF Industries, one of the world’s largest producers of nitrogen fertilizer, is working with CHS Inc., the nation’s leading agribusiness cooperative, to accelerate quantifiable and certifiable agriculture and food system greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions through the production and distribution of low-carbon nitrogen fertilizer.

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CF Industries joins the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping to accelerate the decarbonization of the shipping industry

The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping announced that CF Industries will become a Strategic Partner, committing to a long-term strategic collaboration and contribution to the development of zero carbon technologies and solutions for the maritime industry.  

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CF Industries is a member of a number of associations focused on promoting the global hydrogen economy and ammonia as a clean fuel. They include: