Operations Overview

World's Largest Producer of Ammonia

CF Industries is the world's largest producer of ammonia in the world, with an average annual gross ammonia production capacity of 10.4 million tons. 

Safety Excellence

The safety of CF Industries' employees and those who live near our locations is our top priority. Safety at CF Industries starts with our Do It Right philosophy, which includes equipping our employees with the proper safety knowledge, tools and procedures, and a culture that encourages employees to act with safety in mind every time they come to work. 

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Advantaged Production Network

CF Industries manufactures ammonia and ammonia-derived products, such as granular urea, urea ammonium nitrate solutions (UAN), ammonium nitrate and diesel exhaust fluid at 8 locations in North America, and ammonia-derived products at a facility in the U.K. Our network's competitive advantages include:

  • Access to low-cost North American natural gas, which provides the hydrogen content for ammonia and accounts for approximately 70% of the cash cost of producing ammonia. 
  • Manufacturing flexibility at our facilities, which allows us to optimize our product mix in order to meet shifting demand.
  • North American production assets are located in an import-dependent region, supporting premium margins in the U.S. corn belt.

Strong Operational Excellence

We believe operational excellence - outstanding safety and reulting high asset utilization - is a hallmark of the CF Industries team. We consistently deliver capacity utilization rates well above our peers. We have built, and maintain to the highest standards, what we believe to be the industry’s most reliable, efficient, and flexible assets. This operational excellence leads to capital and operating efficiency, saving our shareholders billions of dollars of capital and the accompanying annual maintenance and overhead costs while allowing us to produce meaningfully greater volumes of ammonia with the same assets.

Leading Distribution Capabilities

CF Industries typically ships more than 18 million tons of products per year. Our leading distribution and logistics capabilities enable a global reach.

  • We operate 23 distribution facilities through the U.S. and western Canada
  • We have approximately 3 million tons of product storage across our manufacturing facilities and distribution facilities 
  • Our North American manufacturing complexes all have access to Class I railroads
  • 2 manufacturing facilities and 10 distribution facilities are connected to the NuStar Ammonia Pipeline
  • Export capability from Donaldsonville, Medicine Hat, Verdigris, Waggaman, Yazoo City, and Billingham facilities

CF Industries' Network