CF Industries remains committed to implementing sound corporate governance practices that enhance the effectiveness of our Board of Directors and management team. The experience and diversity of our directors has been, and continues to be, critical to our success.

Board Oversight

Our Board plays an integral role in oversight of our ESG program and engages with senior management on a broad range of ESG topics. The four standing committees of the Board assist the full Board in its oversight role concerning the committee’s respective areas of responsibility.

Audit Committee

Reviews the integrity of our financial statements and the effectiveness of our internal control environment. The Audit Committee receives regular reports on the efficacy of our information security and technology risks.

Compensation and Management and Development Committee

Has oversight over critical areas within ESG relating to ID&E and employee well-being initiatives. The committee supports the full Board with succession, development, and retention planning for the Chief Executive Officer, as well as other key executives and senior management.

Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee

Oversees our governance structures and processes, including Board refreshment and succession planning.

Environmental Sustainability and Community Committee

Assists the Board with oversight of all aspects of the strategy and progress toward net-zero carbon emissions, sustainability activities and reporting, and the Company’s community involvement.

Management Oversight of ESG Goals and Progress

Our shareholders elect our directors to oversee management and ensure proper governance across all business functions. Our leadership team is responsible for delivering on our strategy, creating our culture, establishing accountability, and managing risk across the entire business and at every level within the organization.

Executive Compensation Tied to ESG Objectives

As our Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the overall progression of our ESG goals, we linked executive compensation to certain ESG goals and material topics:

  1. Clean Energy Performance: developing a decarbonization plan to achieve the Company’s 2030 and 2050 GHG emissions goals and achieving mechanical completion of the Donaldsonville low-carbon ammonia project by year-end 2023(Annual Incentive Plan metric in 2023).
  2. Workforce Health and Safety: Completing safety critical equipment inspections on schedule and timely management of changes, subject to first achieving a gating level of behavioral safety practices (Annual Incentive Plan metric in 2023).
  3. Management of changes: close within 90 days of pre-startup review (Annual Incentive Plan metric in 2023). 

To ensure that executive compensation remains in line with our business and ESG objectives, we reevaluate the structure of our executive compensation program annually.

Ethics in Our Supply Chain

Our core values underscore the importance of acting ethically and in compliance in all our business dealings. We extend this view into how we engage with and select our suppliers throughout our supply chain.

Our supply chain management and procurement teams have a robust strategy to pressure test and manage our suppliers, including performing risk assessments, executing mitigation plans and engaging with a cross-functional business continuity committee.

CF Industries also began formally assessing the ESG programs of our suppliers through the administration of EcoVadis’ annual questionnaire. In our assessment, we consider our suppliers’ commitment and performance in key ESG areas, including their emissions reduction goals, anti-harassment policies, and child labor policies.

CF Industries Policies

To review CF Industries' policies, please visit our Policies page on the website.